Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The View From a Three-Year-Old

Alternately titled:  Important Stuff to a Preschooler

I'm very sorry to tell y'all that my beloved secondhand Sony point-and-shoot has died. Expired. Passed on.

It may or may not have a little something to do with sharing said camera with small children.  
I refuse to say because even if that is the case it's my own dern* fault and I don't care to publicly acknowledge my foolhardy ways.

This is a particularly upsetting turn of events because, you know, CHRISTMAS, and also Peyton will be joining us in January, and also HOLIDAY SEASON and perhaps most importantly of all what WILL WE DO here at AB-Inc without my many subpar photographic stylings?  I've been perusing the worldwideweb in search if the perfect free super-cool camera but they must be all gone due to the holiday gift-giving season.  I'll keep looking, but in the meantime we may be a little picture-poor around these parts.

Anyhoo, in light of my recent loss I though it would be a perfect day to take a look at some of the alleged camera-dropper's work.  She's a cute, little budding artist is what I'm saying.  (These were taken a couple of weeks ago before The Incident.  Because of course after The Incident NO MORE PIX.)

Audrey's shoes!

YOUR backyard friends, the BackYARDigans!


Owo's bed!

Audrey's bed!

Home Sweet Home

George.  There's a story.  I'll tell ya later.

Naynay!  (What can I say? Sigh)

Happy Tuesday!

*Sorry about the cussin'.  I won't make it a habit ;)

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