Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i could've used that cookie this morning...

This is what it's come to.  Ordering my thoughts in numerical fashion.  To use a phrase I've probably used far to often lately, It is what it is.  And what it is, is scattered thoughts with poor flow.  Welcome to my current crazy.

1.  So I woke up earlier than planned this morning to a thundering herd of elephants getting their morning exercise.

I kid. 

It was actually just a six-year-old boy preparing for his day ;)  While he was OH SO BUSY I entertained myself trying to figure out what in tarnation he was up to that would  be so specifically loudish.  From my comfy bed on the first floor it sounded like a stomp, stomp, stomp just for kicks & giggles.

Who can really understand the six-year-old mind?  (Not me that's who.)  Anyhoo, the concerted march,  march march around his bed I ultimately believe to be his morning calisthenics.  

I'm so very proud of the boy for working so diligently at his personal health and well-being. 

So proud.

2.  I got a text from Kate last night with the following quote from my Audrey.

"Sigh.  I just need Naynay."

All I have to say about this whole situation is hang on sweet girl I'm coming just as soon as I can, and also SWOON!!

3.  Yesterday Kari and I took Peyton & Elijah out for a bit & it was so nice for things to feel a little normal-ish for a few minutes.  We started out at CFA for a little chicken goodness and PlayLand calisthenics for the seven-year-old.

And share a cookie.

It's mostly about the chocolate chip cookie these days no lie.

So after our cookie we headed downtown to the Farmer's Market to pick up some locally-grown veggies so we can fill up Peanut's baby food coffers.  It was nice to walk around and visit, and there is just something organically (no pun intended) pleasing about picking out fresh produce and discussing it with the people who grew it in the first place.  I came home, snapped the green beans and cooked them for dinner that very evening.  Downright therapeutic is what that is!  

4.  We have ice cream cake in the freezer just because.  It isn't anyone's birthday or anything; my sister just had a craving.

Living with my sister is very satisfying in the sugar-options department.  The fitting-into-my-jeans department is concerned.  Do me a favor & pray I stay strong in the face of massive temptation, wouldya?

5.  As I sit here on my couch I'm looking at clutter and things and stuff all around.  ALL AROUND.  I have great hope and optimism that today is the day that I get my life in order.

The aforementioned six-year-old has inspired me.

Have a great day, y'all!

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