Monday, August 20, 2012

...of mice and me

So it has come to my attention that many some a couple of you have been wondering how my war against the rodents is progressing.  


Last we talked I was semi-hysterical and yes, I'll  just say it, a little weepy.  

After a quick chat with my sister in which she didn't technically laugh at me but I knew she was laughing in her heart, I realized the exterminators had already laid the groundwork for said wardom.  In short, they had "laid bait" in the cellar.  (Note:  I do not like that I am now familiar with the term "laid bait."  Whatever.)  

Rex came home from work armed with a tiny smidge of compassion and a much healthier dose of patience...and three different forms of ammunition to kill the little fellas.  

(I'm usually a relatively kind-hearted sort but I would've killed Willard myself the night before if I had the chance.)

(Like killed him dead.)

(I don't like this side of me very much.)

Anyhoo, we stuffed SOS pads (I read it on Google) into the tiny little hole in my floor, and Rex smeared peanut butter on several traps and placed them strategically around my room.  Like for real he had three or four different traps in my tiny little space.  

And I was fine with that.   

Maybe an hour or so later Willard woke up and I heard him near my TV.  I'm pretty sure he actually slid down the wall, probably while climbing up the back of the apple crates I have my television sitting on.  (I'm very fancy.)  

My heart stopped and then raced again and I might have hollered the tiniest bit, but then I settled back down to work for a bit.

Not even half an hour later there was a truly disgusting/obnoxious/disturbing/GLORIOUS, snappy kind of sound and I knew deep in my heart that I was emerging from round one victorious. 

It was super gross and I was thrilled and delighted and relieved that Rex was home so he could cope with the severe ick that followed.  

(Rex was not as thrilled, delighted, or relieved.)

Robin confirmed it was, in fact, a large-ish mouse and I felt moderately vindicated.

And they have not stopped with the mocking even yet.  

My theory is Willard was the only mouse actually in my living space when we plugged up the hole because he's the only one actually trapped (i.e. killed) to this point.  

...But we know the little varmints are creeping around because you know that bait I mentioned them laying?  Yeah, it's disappearing.


Elijah proceeded to use his trip to the Dollar General to come home with three icky rubber mice to torment me with, and he has tormented with relish.  

One morning there were two lying right by my head when I woke up.


And then my sweet sister who is supposed to have my back had the nerve to gift me with this. 

I'm checking the classifieds.  

Happy Monday :)

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