Saturday, August 11, 2012

i guess you could say it's a veritable weekend-long naynay extravaganza

Naynay is in full-on grandbaby-loving mode this weekend.

It started out pretty close to absolute perfection with some much-needed Peanut time, and after I sleep for approximately not enough hours I'm zipping down to see my other babies for a quick visit.  Kate says that Audrey and Owen are acting like it's Christmas they're so excited about me coming.

Bless their little hearts.  They have no idea how thoroughly uncool I really am.

NO ONE tell 'em, ya hear?

Anyhoo, I've successfully mapped out a sneaky little plot wherein my kids enjoy baby-free dates this weekend, and I'm the martyr who pulls babysitting duty.

(See how I used a little sarcasm there?  It's a gift.  And a curse.  Actually I'm the one pulling all the happy with these little visits.)

I sincerely hope you also have plans to hug someone this weekend.  

If you don't, make some.

Plans that is.

(to hug someone)

Okay fine...I'm going now.  My eyes are literally crossing as I type this, and I keep falling asleep mid sentence.   Do me a favor and don't expect spell check, wouldya?  

Mucho thanks ;)

Happy Weekending!

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