Friday, August 31, 2012

DipTacular 2012

So Sophie decided yesterday (yesterday!) that we should go forth with yet another DipTacular extravaganza.  Her motivation is football season.  I care not for football or said season, but I fully support those who do.  

And I certainly respect the dip.  Throw cream cheese in anything ever, and in my humble opinion we have ourselves a winner.

My submission this year is actually an easy-peasy favorite of mine, and just like last year's offering it is embarrassingly simple.  And yet tasty and also yummy.
(p.s. no photos because did I mention YESTERDAY?) 

Fruit Dip

Two 8-oz cream cheese
Five-and-a-half tsp brown sugar
fruit juice (pineapple is yummy)

So all you do is add the brown sugar to the softened cream cheese, and then stir in fruit juice (I usually use pineapple) until it reaches a consistency you can live with.

Trust me.  


And also yummy :)

Happy Dipping!

p.s.  You can click right here to hop over to BooMama's Link-up, where you'll find all manner of tried and true dipping options.  Good times is what I'm saying.

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