Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DipTacular 2011


We are in for a treat.

I have been looking forward to this day for a really long time or maybe the couple of days since Sophie announced her intentions to host what she reverently and with great affection calls DipTacular.  She is a little bit of The Crazy about college football and decided we should celebrate with a recipe extravaganza.

I personally think this is one of the best ideas I've ever heard because when you think about it, can there ever really be enough ways to enjoy cheese combined with the chips?

The answer of course is NO.  

No.  One can never have too many cheesy, dippy options for their snacking pleasure.

That being said, I faced the dilemma of what to share with the class.  After great deliberation I decided to keep my own personal contribution so simple it's downright absurd.

I first tasted this little bit of Heavenly simplicity at my sisters house eons ago, and after the first dipped chip I was hooked.  For life.

This is one of those crazy simple things that people just can't seem to get enough of.  Seriously, I don't think I've ever thrown it together and had any left over.  I'm not even kidding when I say I have seen people lick the bowl.

Anyhoo, here it is.  And I just realized it doesn't even have a name, so let's just call it Robin's Dip after my sister, just to be fair.


The ingredients:

Cream cheese and salsa.

The end.

Officially we use a full jar of salsa and 2 packages of cream cheese but well, I live alone and have no party planned this week. 

Halving the recipe seems the prudent thing to do.

Dump the ingredients into a microwave-safe bowl, kinda like this...

....and heat it up.

And that would be that.  I like to stir it with a whisk every 30 seconds or so and make sure it gets heated thoroughly.  It looks pretty runny at first but thickens up just a bit after a couple of minutes.  And it's still tasty after sitting around for a very long time, which is convenient on a potlucky or tailgate-y sort of afternoon.

Note:  I never, ever claimed to be a food photographer. 

Or a photographer.

I'm just sayin'

Now I'm going to hop back over to Sophie, aka BooMama's bloggy home to find me some new ways to never be svelte again. 

Feel free to come along, it's gonna be a party!

Happy Wednesday :)

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