Thursday, August 25, 2011

The View From Here

In case I haven't mentioned it yet today, I'm vacating/recreating beside the sea.  

Thaaat's right.  The very same sea that Irene is either churning or roaring in, depending on which terribly excited! weather man girl person is reporting at the moment.  

I'm going to make this a rather speedy post because I may be recreating but I am also still putting in my 40 hours, so along about 1:43 2:18 in the a-m I am POOPED!  and also ready for bed.

and maybe a bit tired.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pop on real quick and say hello.  As I was sitting in my chair this morning I thought about doing some kind of video for ya of the actual sea, perhaps with some accompanying witty commentary.  Wouldn't that have been fun??

Yeah.  It didn't happen.  My battery was a bit tired and I was more than a bit lazy, so who knows, maybe next time.  I'm also just  going to admit that I did a bit of video on our first  morning here and was quite frankly horrified by my voice on tape.  How is it possible that I can be so completely cool and sophisticated in real life and yet sound like a semi-crazy, over-stimulated country girl when a camera is rolling?  This is an odd phenomenon that I would like to someday research.

And now I can't even believe it, but as is so typical of me I have rambled on for two or six paragraphs about how I don't really have the time to ramble on for two or six paragraphs today. 

A couple of things.

1.  I love eating ice cream in the middle of the afternoon in my bed while watching NCIS.  That's what I was doing this afternoon as I looked over from my bed at Donna in her bed and announced that I LOVE vacation.  This activity is extra-sweet when it follows about 5 hours of sunny, beachy goodness.

2.  I really, really love midnight walks on the beach.  I don't even think I need to elaborate on that one.  Seriously, who doesn't love midnight walks on the beach?  Good stuff is what that is.

In closing I do believe I'll leave you with a couple of pix I've taken so far.   Photographic evidence, if you will, of my aforementioned recreating. 

You know what's weird?  

These pix were all taken on the same day.  I blame all the moodiness on Irene.

Have a happy-happy Thursday!

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