Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poor August, You are so Unappreciated

So here we are, already with one foot and a couple of toes firmly in August's front yard and I can't decide how I feel about it. 

I can't recall ever feeling so borderline OVER the summer, so early-ish in the season, and I'm not gonna lie.  I'm rather conflicted about the whole subject.

I may or may not have whined and complained a time or seventeen in the last 30 days or so. 

I'm so ashamed.

It is true that I feel a little tired of all the smothering, energy-draining, humidity-laden heat.  But the speed with which time is passing leaves me a little breathless and with that sinking, mildly panicked feeling deep inside. 

You know that feeling?  I used to feel the same way on the first day of school...caught between loving school and bewilderment that I was once again thoroughly clothed with shoes on my feet and firmly back in captivity.  How in the world did I get there? 

And why on earth didn't I revel in the warm glory of freedom a bit more?? 

Summer isn't particularly about freedom for me any more, unless it's freedom from expensive heating bills and freedom from socks on my feet. 

Wait.  I guess it is.

Anyway, I started contemplating the way I have taken all The Hot for granted (after all, even The Hot has some positives attached), and I've determined to reconsider my foolishness and try to grab the wonder where I can. 

Let's face it.  In the mere blink of an eye I will be fussing and bellyaching about all The Cold.


Whatever.  Anywaystanding sitting before you today is me taking back the reins of my summer and eeking out every bit of yummy wonderfulness that August has to give.

Thank you, oh traditional-last-month-of-summer, for always being so consistently you.  I'm going to celebrate ya every way I can.

I think I just might work on my porch,
underneath the fun lights randy hung for me a couple of years ago

grill my vegetables.  grill my meat.  in other words, grill.

soak up some rays

enjoy park time with Kari & her littles

jump off the diving board with mary hannah

take a little midnight-y walk after work

more melons!  more strawberries!  more grapes!  more pineapple!

So I'm curious, how do y'all feel about August?  Any summer glory left on your agenda?  Do Tell...

Happy Thursday :)

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