Monday, August 29, 2011

Changing Light and Cool Breezes

Ya see that sweet face on the left?

The one that (in my mind's eye) is approximately seven years old?

Yup.  That's my sister's face.

The sister who allegedly aggravated the ever livin' daylights out of me
for about a hundred years, approximately two-hundred years ago.

That would be the sister who always behaved herself and made me look BAD
because I often did not choose to behave.

The sister who is the sensitive one,

the one who actually remembers all of our childhood exploits,

the wide-open-with-her-heart one.

That very same sister who somewhere along the way became

my friend,

my pal,

my buddy,

my pal,

my sounding board,

and yeah, occasionally my conscience.

That sister.


Today is her birthday!!

And I couldn't be happier that she was, in fact, born.

Happy Birthday, Robin!

I heart ya!

...and I continue to count, especially on birthdays...

(A Thousand Gifts #695-710)

the priceless gift of someone who remembers my memories

letting go

salt in my hair and sand on my toes

changing light and lengthening shadows...shifting seasons

praying for strangers

silent nights and cool breezes and crickets chirping

that just-like-the-first-time amazement when I contemplate the bigness of the oceans and the power of the creator...waves that crash and go no further

giggles over nothing and the friend who "gets it"

seeing love messages left on the sand late at night and feeling happy for people I will never meet

good news from a friend

sweet wedding invitations in the mail

Happy Monday!

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