Thursday, September 1, 2011


My original intent was to post these old favs of mine Wordless Wednesday style, but after only two photos y'all have questions.  So while for varying reasons I don't think these photos will ever need explanation for me, I'm thinking Posterity might appreciate a bit of detail.

I took this picture of Jeremy the day after Kari's wedding, which was quite the BIG TO-DO.  We were all about three degrees past exhausted.  I remember literally lying on the couch that day for hours, kind've staring at the wall while snuggling teeny-tiny Audrey and feeling mostly comatose.  But Jeremy had a better plan.  He found a bed and made his way around all of Kari's boxes, and wedding gifts, and other girly miscellany...and passed right out. 

Makes my heart smile.

The end.

Happy Thursday :)

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