Monday, September 5, 2011

Laughing With My Siblings and Cheetos on My Bed

(A Thousand Gifts #711-744)

Thank you, Jesus, for

sweet comments encouraging my listing

tiny little girls ringing my doorbell late at night

mysterious noises coming from behind closed doors

the smell of fresh paint and all the wondering

pretty, pink cakes made by pretty, pregnant sweeties

raspberry filling at midnight

laughing with my siblings until my ears hurt 

sharing a good scary movie with ernie

burritos! and cheese sauce! and eating off each other's plates

them knowing me and understanding what matters to me

my brother spending his afternoon off on a ladder just because he loves me

all the remembering of my day and all the faces behind the remembering and the lifetimes shared with each one

the loving deliveries of the strawberry limeade and accompanying hugs

fridays with my friend and the leftovers with my girls

his giggles and snuggles and the beef & veggies on my face

frosting on my dress and cheetos & chocolate on my bed and all the love and delight that make it okay

discovered I-love-you messages from my niece

taking in so much love and thoughtfulness in one week's time that I feel long-winded in the listing 

...and the fresh inspiration to share what I have been given

baby artwork on the walls and waking in the morning feeling like I'm wrapped in a hug

celebrating the mama and the baby girl soon to arrive

the commanding stay-right-theres! and excited come-ons!... and always, always the kisses and hugs and picking up and putting down and falling asleep and mess and noise and chaos and tears and giggles and utter bliss that is time with them

beautiful, wonderful, messy life.  my life.  

enjoying another 365 days, another 12 months...another full year of healthy, full life that I don't deserve but am utterly thankful to have shared with all the people I love 


Happy Monday!

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