Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It Was a Sweet, Sweet Morning

This simple little snapshot has been a favorite since the moment it was taken.

Maybe it's because I love the other faces oh-so-much, or maybe it's the morning light wafting through and the way it somehow seems to capture the peace I felt?

This was taken the morning of Kari's wedding.  She was married in the evening, so we gathered that morning for a brunch at our favorite girly tea place.  It was delightful, and yummy, and silly, and also delightful.

It was such a time of quiet happy in the middle of all the chaos.  Kari came in her hair curlers, and all of the girls were in varying states of not-ready-ness :)  I had simply showered and come, saving all my efforts at glamming-it-up for later in the day.  

I treasured the simplicity of that brief time then...and I treasure it today.

The one that I do find shocking, however, is HOW MUCH I've aged in the around two-and-a-half-year since this was taken.

I suppose that's okay...  

All the faces here?  They love me anyway ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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