Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At Least We Were Dressed Up


Behold, the family.

circa 2009

This is the first photo of all of us with my dad in what seems like a zillion years.

Wait.  It has been a zillion years.

Dad would be the man in the (middle-ish) back with the glasses.  Thaat's right.  We have an excellent shot of Dad's glasses.  He's the dude standing next to my brother, who appears quite riveted by the back of Dad's head. 

We're easily distracted and moderately goofy, my familia.

We took several different pix that night, and hard as it is to believe, this one is actually the best since most of us were looking in the general vicinity of the camera.  I call that success with a capital Success.

Thanks, Kari & Drew, for rehearsing your wedding and feeding us dinner so we could capture this rare, and dare I say award-worthy photo.

Happy Wednesday :)

p.s.  Hi Randy!

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