Monday, September 12, 2011

Successful Surgeries and Joy in the Puttering

This would be what I have not been doing...


I'm thinking when I disappear for more than a day or so you can pretty much bet there have been plenty of BIG DOIN'S in my neighborhood.  When things are all peaceful-like and I'm viewing many episodes of Netflix-y goodness you hear from me regularly.  

However, when I have many errands that cannot be postponed and all-day-long events at church and surgeries of an emergent nature that involve my sweet Shayne, I tend to slack off on the blogging.  

This is primarily due to the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and I merely have two hands and it is very difficult to putter while blogging.  and also I get tired. 

All that to say Sorry Y'all! for seeming a little all-over-the-place regarding my bloggy timing.  I have slight OCD tendencies and prefer to be consistent, but let's face it.  I'm probably not so much.

I believe I'll save all the myriad of minutia regarding said events for another day, but suffice it to say, since we last visited I have had Much Action and ZERO staring at the wall.  

(I suppose this would be what is known as an inside joke.  Sorry 'bout that...let's just say "staring at the wall" is what I do when fatigued and a little, shall we say - overdone.)

(It is also how I brag to my friends with all the husband-y/children-at-home-y responsibilities.)

 (I cannot stop with the parenthetical usage today!  or slapping a "Y" at the end of my nouns, rendering them adjectives!)

Anyhoo, this blog post is coming to you straight from my sister's couch while Shayney sleeps in all his painkiller-induced glory.  

Have I mentioned this morning how much I LOVE MY FAMILY?  It can be exhausting and messy, and occasionally sometimes often results in drooling on a sister's sofa and wearing yesterday's mediocre fashion choices.  

But I'm not gonna lie.  I never feel more at peace than when I'm schlepping around All a up, or picking up, or fetching something for someone I love.   

Unless it would be when I'm actually squeezing their necks...or perhaps when a certain nephew is saying "Love ya, Aunt Nae."

A Thousand Gifts #745-763)

successful surgeries and reassuring hugs and good reports from the people who should know

all the joy in the puttering

visits with people long unseen...and all the hugs! and the smiles! and the flat-out pleasure of seeing so very many old friends

singing praises with hundreds of women

receiving a fresh Word

time set apart...a whole day without the phone, or the laptop, or pandora, or television

crisp evenings and sudden downpours

sticking with it

patting her belly and baby boy heartbeats 

getting to know her friends and reveling in the enthusiasm this generation has for HIM...and marveling at their maturity

fresh appreciation for the abundance of mercy and grace needed - and granted - as a result of my lack of maturity at their age

knowing that I know, that I KNOW that He will provide....and wondering how

my mom, and enjoying her good news

His completely dependable, and satisfying...and sufficient strength

Happy Monday!

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