Thursday, September 8, 2011

Doodle-She? Doodle-He? What'll it Be??

Update:  It's a He...It's a Him...It's a BOY!  :) :) :)

So either I'm lazy or tired or just mentally blocked, but in trying to write this post I have officially bored myself to tears.  

This does not. bode. well.

I was planning to talk about the other parts of my weekend, like my brother's visit and Samshe's baby shower, and maybe even a certain scary movie that Ernie and I saw, but...meh.

I had thought about posting a really great recipe that I got from Bethany and proceeded to take to the beach, but I'm over it for now.

Then there were the really sweet pictures I took of Audrey riding her rocking horsie like a crazy little miniature cowgirl, but the editing seemed kind've hard.

And of course I considered just chucking the whole thing for today and posting nothing.  However, that seems all wrong too.

I guess I'm too distracted by our fun day ahead.  

What fun would that be?

Well. I'm so glad you asked!  

I am this very morning heading off to see a certain little Doodlebug and get the fun news of is a GIRL or is it a BOY??

I'll keep ya posted ;)

Happy Thursday!

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