Monday, September 19, 2011

On Grapes and World Peace

So I've been busy this weekend doing all manner of fun stuff, and at this very moment I have a tiny one shaking a Tylenol bottle (childproof cap!) and perhaps needing a diaper change, and A and I are enjoying a bit of Kipper.  We've only just met, but I'm really diggin' his accent, ha!   

Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple of observations that I have made while immersing myself in the full-time care and feeding of the babes.  These would be in no particular order, because Time?  I'm short on it...

1.  There's seriously no better self-esteem-booster than a two-year-old.  "Naynay you look so pretty!"  Before the shower?  Delightful.

2.  Even after consuming a shocking amount of food, a 10-month-old still needs his bottle.  Can't explain the cranky?  Hellloooo!

3.  Buzz = at least an hour to do the dishes.

4.  If you want to ensure you baby sleeps through the night just tell Naynay he doesn't, hehe.

5.  Overnight potty control goes right. out. the. window when it comes to Naynay's new sheets :)

6.  The contents of a baby boy's diaper can vary as many times as it needs to be changed.  Don't believe me?  Just give him a few beets and see what happens.

7.  The theme song from Backyardigans is quite catchy and tends to stick.  I believe it will. never. die.   

YOUR backyard friends, the backYARDigans...

Like seriously.  NEVER.

8.  A baby not waking during the night can disturb your sleep as much as a wakeful tot.

9.  There is nothing more fun that maneuvering around the obstacles placed in the path of a baby determined to climb the steps...or the little girl wishing to climb the outside of said steps.  Nothing. more. fun.

10.  I'm not kidding when I say a broad smile peeking around a paci could bring on world peace.   

11.  I'm pretty sure Audrey just might be my very best friend.

and finally, 

12.  Grapes go with everything.

Happy Monday!

p.s.  Photo by their mama.  Thanks Kate!

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