Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This on Tuesday

This is my view each morning when I awake.

Specifically, on rainy days.  when the world is all green.

And this would be what I did yesterday.  

Photos are here due to popular demand.  You know who you are.

(Hi Jana!)

I understand I look goofy and tired but it's only because I am goofy and was feeling tired. 

(I look like I could smack someone, ha!)

But I do like the haircut.  I think it looks better in real life but that's probably just denial talking.

Hi Denial!!

Moving on...

This is my current decorating dilemma.

Remember how the family redid my room for my birthday?  I'm loving it.  A lot.  However, I don't know if you can tell, but the top of that bookcase is a little on the bare side.  I feel like it needs a little something but I can't decide what.  Flowers maybe?  I dunno.

Finally, there would be this.  

Because I love her and because I'm feeling poorly and she makes me happy.

If ya ask me, she's a fine example of true friendship and also a short attention span.  with a touch of bossiness thrown in for flavor.

I'm thinking we could all learn a little something from little girls and their puppies.

See ya!

p.s.  Did y'all see what I did there?  I ditched the "happy-day" sign-off that I usually do and mixed it up a little.  I've been feeling a bit locked in and that's just not cool. 

You can depend on us here at AB!Inc. to keep things fresh and what have ya.

But that doesn't mean I'm not hoping you have a very happy Tuesday ;)

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