Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Tea. A Toddler's Tale.

Once upon a time there was a tiny little girl.

She was very, very adorable.

She traveled from a faraway land called North Carolina to visit her grandmother on her birthday.

She thought a hug might be in order.

After much hugging and baby-showering and cake-eating, and also picking up and putting down of small children (on the part of the bee-yu-tiful grandmother), this tiny little girl decided she was thirsty.

She therefore did the only logical thing, if you are too young to have any cotton-pickin' sense that is.  

She marched her tiny, little, two-year-old/size 2T self into the kitchen.

...and made a terrible, dare I say, turrible mess.

It turns out that just because you're old enough to decide you need some sweet tea does not, in fact, make you capable of pulling a full gallon pitcher from the top shelf of the refrigerator and pouring yourself a glass.

Shall we just say there was much "oh-no-ing" and stripping of the clothes and, oh yeah, a good bit of swimming going on in the kitchen.  

Babygirl is FAST when she wants something.

Although this delightful bonding experience occurred weeks & weeks ago, I have today spent another afternoon mopping and scrubbing and attempting to control the ants.     (Zee ants...they multiply.)


...and they lived happily, if perchance exhaustedly ever after.


p.s.  There are no photos of the aforementioned event because Y'all.  I just didn't have the heart for it.  

p.s.s.  Thanks Katie for the fun picture at the top.  It's a favorite of mine :)

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