Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I've missed you so much. Wish I could say it won't happen again...

So I'm not gonna keep going on and on about how I've become a sporadic blogger.  To quote me in my most-used phrase over these past few months It is what it is.  I guess we're tight enough now that I can treat you like I treat my nearest and dearest...hit or miss on a good day :)

(No one's ever accused me of being a call-each-other-every-day kind of pal.)

(I'm more of a I'll-be-there-in-a-flash-if-you-need-me-and-hey!-it's-been-two-weeks-since-we-last-talked, type.)

I guess this evolution in said blog means we are now thisclose :)

I had the boys for a few days and I'm not gonna lie.  They keep me busy.  It didn't occur to me until, well, R&R were already back home, that what I should have done was let them run amuck, eat brownies three times a day and watch channels 24 and 35 until their brains turned to mush.  After all, I'm the alleged fun aunt.

Unless you ask Rex, who lovingly refers to me as "Aunt Meanie." 

(Rex thinks he's hilarious.) 

(Rex is not hilarious.)

(Just joshin' with ya, Rex.)

On a mildly related note, I'm still settling into my new digs and again, not lyin', it's been more of an adjustment than I expected.  I'm such a flow-roller that I expected to just, well roll with said flow, but it's taking me a bit to find my groove.  We're getting there, it's just taken a little longer than I would have preferred if I were in control of everything everywhere.

Why can't I be in control of everything everywhere?

Why can't I be in control of anything, anywhere?


One more thing & then I'm off to work - my birthday is coming up soonish and I need to decide how I want to spend it.  What would be my go-to dinner?  My go-to plan?  What do I consider a special treat?

I'm a little light in ideas off the top of my head, but I do know vanilla bean cheesecake makes me okay with being chubby, and I've been dreaming of a good mani/pedi for about a year or three, and well, the Tea Tavern's chicken salad is delightful.

Some quality time in the Islands (any islands) wouldn't be half bad, and a movie night at the actual theater could be great fun.

Not that I ever think on such things.

Personal indulgence?  Not my bag.

Unless it involves things like cheesecake, pedal health, or cranberries with my chicken salad.

Or a few days by the sea.

Or - and I'm just keeping it real here - that absurd giant bucket of fake-buttered popcorn.

Off to work!

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