Thursday, August 23, 2012

what goes around really does sometimes, you know, come back around

Kari has been a nanny for a while now and has been loving this cutie since she was a wee few weeks old.

...a few WEEKS old!

Kari doesn't have them every day any more since they're all up in the preschooling scene, but when she does they always want to see Naynay.

...which serves to make me feel several different kinds of warm and tingly and gooey inside.

Kids, children, small people, little tykes, ankle biters, whippersnappers...Whatever you wanna call 'em, go find yourself one or a couple to jump up and down and act like a fool for today.  

They'll love ya forever and very hopefully feel just a bit more wonderful from your lavish lack of decorum.

...and if you're really, really fortunate, they'll ask to see you and jump on your nerdy mini trampoline in the middle of a weekday afternoon just because.

Happy Thursday!

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