Thursday, October 4, 2012

feeling full

Yeah, I lied.

I honestly meant to blog all about the pumpkin patch but I'm not even exaggerating when I say I haven't had time.  We've had lots of work to do recently and by lots I mean more OT opportunities than I can reasonably take advantage of.  It's so frustrating because I'm 100% certain that when I have a boring stretch (I will have a boring stretch sometime, right?  Right??) there will be no extra work to be found.

Such is life, my friends.

Anyway, I log in for work in a big eight minutes but wanted to drop a line about my day.

Because everyone's schedules have been so pitiful and apparently we didn't get the memo that we're kind've old and should therefore be bored, I've been having lunches and brunches all spread out since the first of September.  While this is a little bit shameful it's also BIG FUN.  

This morning I met up with two of  my people and had a wonderful couple of hours just being together and catching up the tiniest bit.  We went to IHOP and I might or might not have eaten half an omelet and a few lot of bites of pancake.  With syrup.  And a Pepsi.  

(Of course a Pepsi.) 

(I should own stock in Pepsi.)

...They brought me sweet little gifts that were just what I needed in the way my people know how to do, and they filled up my heart just by being them.

I can only pray I half fill them up in the same way.  

I'm so very blessed!

Only two minutes left - gotta get to work...Happy Thursday :)

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