Friday, October 19, 2012

on pink and being four

Last Friday Kari & I loaded up Baby Peanut & headed to Carolina to attend a very important event. Noodle's veryspecial Pinkalicious birthday celebration!

It was such a sweet time filled with little girls in pink and their best bud Brandon.  

(Brandon was not in pink.)

(Owen also, not in pink.) 

Katie made all manner of adorable treats, and there was pizza and cupcakes and tasty drinks with fun straws.  And milk for the birthday girl. 

Always milk for Babygirl.  (I'm not a baby, I'm BIGGER!)

There might have been giggles and small children running around like hooligans, and pink fingernail polish and coloring sheets and snuggles.  And all manner of happy.

In other words, BIG FUN!

Thanks for the Pinkaliciously good time, Sweet Girl.  I love you :)

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