Friday, October 26, 2012

a different tradition wouldn't be the worst thing in the world

So I left the house yesterday.  

And yes, that is noteworthy.  It doesn't seem to matter where home is; I inevitably like to stay there!

That being said, as much as I like home I don't hate getting in the car and schlepping to the vicinity of the mall for a bit.  (Especially when the weather is as nice as it's been lately!)  Yesterday's big adventure involved a visit with the eye doctor with the accompanying confirmation that six years is long enough to wear the same pair of glasses.  (That's one of my specialties, you know, sticking with what I already have for approximately three years longer than I should.)

After finishing up with Doc D I headed on to Ross Dress For Less to amble around and chat with Katie and Owo on the phone for a bit while shoppers stared, and then I rounded out the day at my Happy Place, aka Target.  I might or might not have wandered around for an hour or two, looking at I-have-no-idea-what and sipping on their dependably-good fountain Pepsi on ice.  

And then I came home.  

And went to work.

And massaged my temples dramatically as I moped about my headache.

...And tucked two little boys with very good report cards into bed.

The midday calm before last year's doggone storm

I might also have deliberated with Donna about our burning question of the day, which would be this:   

Exactly what is the acceptable level of gale-force-windy-ness??  

Our long-awaited, mini-vacation is this weekend, just in time for what has apparently been dubbed "Frankenstorm."


Can you even believe it?  Another trip and we are again considering things like The Cone of Uncertainty.  We're completely fine with rain and wind and un-beachy weather because I do not have to log into my place of employment for several days in a row which does not happen often.  

However, I am a fan of  neither beachy evacuations nor power outages. 

It's all vacation-y fun and games until the cable goes out and you can't watch 37 episodes in a row of NCIS, and then things can turn ugly in a hurry.   

We're supposed to hit the road bright and early Saturday morning, so we have another day to think about it until we can stand to think no longer.  Donna's determined to embrace the adventure, and I myself love a good story to tell the kiddies, but still, the question.   

How hard can the wind blow before we would need to hide under the bed?  

This is not a rhetorical exercise, so please feel free to share your two cents.

It's FRIDAY, y'all...let's make it a good one!

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