Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on caffeine and ducks

Well I thought this might be a rambly kind of day and I was right. 

Woody never left his side, even while hurtling through the mine shaft.

Truth be told my head feels like it's going implode, likely because I"m kinda/sorta dieting and am therefore cutting waaay back on the Pepsi, which means I'm cutting waaay back on the caffeine.

I haven't really been suffering so much from the lack of fountain-Pepsi-on-ice, but the lack of caffeine is quite possibly going to kill me dead.

I'm not kidding.

Unfortunately, it appears the pounding misery has rendered me incapable of coherency.  I suspect work will be a delight this evening.

If any of you have any detoxing suggestions I'm quite happy to hear them, and try them, and embrace them as my own.  

In other news Shayne landed himself another buck today.  He was quite pleased.  I myself was proud but also struggled with the ick factor of seeing him drag said deer across the lawn with it's tongue all flopping out.

I know; I'm sorry.  Even if only in your mind's eye, you didn't need to see that.

Take a look at this yummy instead...


One more thing and then I'm going to take some more Excedrin and lie in a quiet place and long for the metabolism of my youth...

Duck Dynasty.

I cannot overstate the delight of this show.  

Hey Mom?  I suspect you and Larry would love it.  

Donita?  My-friend-who-hates-TV?  Yup, you might just love it.  

Pretty much everyone I've ever met in all my days?  I would say there's a 92% chance you will, in fact, love it.  

I was laughing out loud in the dark at 2:00 this morning at some of their shenanigans.  Such sweetly good-natured fun!  And OH THE DEADPAN DELIVERY.  

Sheer television perfection.

Duck Dynasty.  Try it.

These photos are in the category of having nothing at all to do with anything said here today.  

For future reference, when I'm old and have even less memory than I do today, these would be my sweeties sliding down the oh-so-scary, mine-shaft-themed slide at the pumpkin patch as we celebrated Audrey Faith's fourth birthday.

Because I never ever want to forget all the cute.


Happy Tuesday y'all!

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