Monday, October 1, 2012

money shot monday - on poo

So I might as well say this right up front.  My money shot pic of the day is not a tasteful photo.  It is mostly class-free, and to say it's merely teetering toward all-out gross would probably be too generous.

However, being a mommy - or a Naynay - is not for for the faint of heart.

We are no strangers to the gross and are on a first-name basis with the ick.

That being said.

Owo is about six weeks shy of two years old and is doing a fine job of potty training.  Little man has an impressive streak of not doing icky things when running around completely devoid of clothing...but all bets are off if he is sporting his britches.

In the photographic masterpiece above we see the result when Homeboy finds himself unable to rid himself of his pants in a timely manner coupled with the unfortunate reality of his personal porta-potty residing in a neighboring state.

He tried...

Frankly the aftermath found him broken-hearted and his big sister delighted.  Being the avid Blues Clues fan that she is, Audrey encouraged the clean-up crew by repeatedly observing all the "paw prints." 

Drama.  We have plenty.

Memories.  I'm so thankful for the everyday new ones :)

Happy Monday!

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