Thursday, January 3, 2013

a whole lot of words about the word

For the life of me I'm not sure why this post has been so hard for me to put down on paper.

I've written a dozen variations in my head over the last couple of weeks as I've contemplated the coming year, and how I want it to look & what I want to do with it...

I've been amazed at the things I've learned with choosing a simple word to inspire/direct my focus instead of ambling through my days all reactive (my natural default).  

I've learned a lot, and I think I've accomplished a bit.  I think maybe I've loved just a little better...I hope I've encouraged someone else this year.  

I do know that my heart has grown and stretched in ways it never has before.

(I'm pretty sure I am not at all the same.)

So there's that.

However, 2012 is over and it's time to march into the new year. 

It's time for me to share my word for 2013.  

Learning to become more intentional & filling my life with purpose has been AWESOMEBut y'all.  I'm EXHAUSTED.  (Inside & out!)  

Mary suggested back in October that maybe my word for 2013 should be rest.  Ha!  I'm thinking probably not...Yet I do feel considerably out-of-whacky.

As is so often the case for me, as I figured some things out this year some other things got all off-kilter.  Someday perhaps I'll get everything in balance (maybe that should have been my word!) but for now I'm still just learning as I go.

(Hopefully that's a truth that will encourage all of you sweeties reading this...Our days are filled with learning as we go; as long as we're open and willing to stretch God will teach!)

Can I tell you a secret?

As I enter 2013 I'm feeling my years - and a fair amount of neglect.  

I'm so fatigued I find myself longing for a nap in the middle of my
 shiny! new to me! mall with the awesome food court! 

Parts of me hurt without explanation.  I weigh more than I have in, well, EVER, and I'll just say it.  That makes the girl inside me all twitchy and stressed.  

My eating habits have deteriorated.  

My quiet time has been hit or miss.  

I don't have a "church home."

I've been so! very! busy! being purposeful that I haven't taken the time to stay charged up myself.  I've tried so hard not to be selfish that I've neglected that crucial fill-up time.

(I've also watched too much TV but whatever.)

Basically, I'm pooped out.

Revive: Give new life or energy to.

So this year, as I continue to seek His purpose in my every day, I'm going to focus also - just the healthiest bit - on, well, being healthy.

So what in the world will that look like, you ask?

Well, for starters I begin an earnest search for my new church.  I find a Bible study with women who can no doubt provide some support & accountability.   

I resume my focus on healthy eating (just cutting back on the Pepsi y'all; I haven't completely lost my mind!)   I embrace (kicking & screaming) a healthier lifestyle...silly things like trying to sleep regular hours and eat at regular times, and Heaven help us all, exercising on a regular basis.  Between you & me?  Formal exercise?  I'm NOT A FAN.  But all the experts insist that exercise is quite reviving ;)

So there you have it.  

New life.  New energy.

...things are about to get all interesting up in here.

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