Friday, January 11, 2013

christmas day!

Well we didn't all sleep in the same house, but we did still gather (mostly) in our jammies and eat our breakfast pizza and cupcakes.  We were supposed to have a super-awesome hash brown dish but "someone" didn't get it cooked in time, and we were supposed to have some kind of fruit tray or salad but "someone" opted for clementines, which, well, I'll just say it, we were all kind've over by Christmas Day.  So it was pizza and cupcakes :)  
Pretty much like every year in the history of us.

(Side note:  The potato casserole was DELIGHTFUL when we had it for lunch/dinner/breakfast-the-next-day, and frankly I still can't get enough of those Little Cuties.)

For whatever reason I took a mere three or ten pictures this year with my very own camera but rest assured it was a great day despite what you are about to see. 

(and apparently I'm boycotting commas today.  no explanation do I have.)

Mid afternoon amid a flurry of fit-throwing, snack-eating, and nap-needing, the Littles got dressed all cute and then they all headed out the door to The Valley for further family celebrating.  And I went to work in a silent house, which wasn't all bad.

All in all, it was a pretty great Christmas in our brand-new town :)

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