Sunday, January 6, 2013


I should show you a couple of Christmas pix to prove we did indeed celebrate Christmas but I'm kind've so over it & it feels like oh-so long ago.  For this reason I'm choosing to both procrastinate and postpone.

Tonight I thought I'd share a few things that have recently tickled me and made me laugh right out loud before I forget 'em forever.

* * *

A couple of weeks ago I got an early-morning SOS call from Katie to please rescue Owen from a particularly nasty stomach bug that she and Audrey had picked up.  I had some errands to run so the two of us ended up in a return line at, yup, Walmart.

After he spent a fair amount of time being all adorable, and LOUD, and entertaining everyone around us he points both hands at his chest and announces "I so FUNny!"

Yes, Bubby.  Yes you are.

* * *

Donna came to visit me for a few days (yaay!), and one evening we opted for a quick dinner from the drive-thru at Steak & Shake. Neither of us are familiar with Steak & Shake, but we had heard they have tasty shakes.  Go figure.

Anyhoo, it's rather confusing in that the lines go around both sides of the building.  And the menu was somewhat overwhelming.  And we were very very tired.  And a bit loopy.  As the girl voice in the speaker peppered us with questions (you get two sides with your burger!) she asked Donna how we wanted the burgers.  

Donna proceeds to tell her that she wants hers medium-well and I wanted my well.  

I might or might not have burst into hysterical laughter at that point as window-girl explained they are all well-done - what with it being a fast food drive-thru - and she meant did we want cheese, or maybe some lettuce?

(Aforementioned girl at window was still laughing at us as we drove away.)

(p.s. The vanilla shake was yummo and worth any humiliation incurred.)

* * *

I was doing some last-minute shopping on the 23rd at our still-unfamiliar-to-me mall.  As I dragged myself toward the opposite end where I left my car, I looked up to find Katie coming my way.  Now I know that doesn't sound like such a big deal, but looking up to a Katie-face in the middle of all the hub-bub in an unfamiliar place?  DELIGHT-FULL.

* * *

Finally, Owo is super enthusiastic when he comes to visit, and every. single. time he hollers all the way up the (outside) stairs, I'm comin' Naynay - NAYNAY I'm-a COMin!   

To my delight, this can be heard quite clearly inside, to which I say, Come on, Sweet Boy!
(and bring Woody with ya!)

Happy Monday:)

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