Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fortunately 50 weeks or so is, like, a lot

So I'm just going to give it to y'all straight.  We're two weeks into the year and I'm not revived yet.  Truth be told?  Not even close...

I know picking an annual word isn't about setting goals per se.  It's more about shifting my attitude & my thinking & what-have-you, and in that way I suppose I'm progressing a little, but I'm still waking up tired & back-achy and limping around like a 60-year-old (which is fine and dandy if you're, you know, 60 years old...).

Apparently it takes more than two weeks to feel the results of behaving like a grownup.

...and speaking of behaving responsibly, today seems like a good time to share a little in the way of an update.  It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am an easily distracted, Meant-Well-Molly so it would behoove me to find some accountabilityand fast.

Sorry folks (shout-out to Donita!!), but you're it. 

I've been eating better, aka dieting, for the last couple of weeks and I'm just gonna say it.  I'm not svelte yet.  I still haven't bought new bathroom scales because WHO REALLY WANTS TO KNOW, and besides, did you know there are now about a hundred different choices?  What happened to plain old scales with the little needle that swings and gives you temporary hope?  Also the treadmill in our tiny little, oh let's just call it a "gym" because it sounds really impressiveweighs me everytime I log in so I have a general idea.   

And it says I am not yet svelte.

(I'm certain it has nothing to do with the poppyseed chicken with rosemary rolls I made for the girls last weekend or the Papa John's I ate yesterday.)

I suppose svelte-ness wasn't built in a day, but I surely wish things would hurry along.  I really miss my Pepsi.  And foods that you chew.  

Who am I kidding?  I mostly miss doing whatever I want.  

My word! I'm rambly today!  

For those of you who haven't already fallen asleep...regarding the rest of my life that isn't focused on my nonexistent bathroom scales I shall summarize my quest for revival below.

1.  I have been enjoying the aforementioned treadmill  but I do find it OH SO HARD to walk all the way up the hill to our "gym."  I blame it on the rain.  And having to look acceptable to the general  public on a rainy day even though I have yet to run into another human person in said gym.  Whatever.

2.  Still little progress in settling into a new church, but I have been "attending" a few services online.  This newfangled world is both helpful and confusing.  I had decided where I was going to attend last Sunday and had Kate pack suitable adorable-ness for Audrey, who was spending the night with me.  I was excited to "check things out" in person because I really liked the pastor online.  When the time came to load her car seat I realized my car is packed floor to ceiling with Christmas that needs to go to storage.  No space for a four-year-old anywhere in said vehicle, so back to the computer I went.  sigh.  Next week I'll be at The Sea, and two weeks after that I'll be in Houston (Texas!) (Yaay!), so obviously this is going to be a slow process.

3.  All I'm going to say about sleep is that I was awake at 3:30 last night.  And that's all I'm going to say about sleep.

4.  I'm memorizing Scripture with approximately 11,000 other optimistic human people and am staying on top of it so far (two weeks!) (yaay!).  I learned my first verse and have begun my second.  Of course as I was writing out the second one I realized I completely forgot to learn the reference of the first.  

(She's already behind, Sally!)

I like to think I give hope to dozens of try-hards all over this great land of ours.   

I suppose revival, not unlike svelte-ness, isn't built in a day. 

Happy Wednesday-ing :)

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