Thursday, January 31, 2013

yesterday in excruciatingly detailed, detail

Hi Peyton!  (He isn't here.  His mama texted me this picture this morning to remind me of where I belong.)

You'll be glad to know that yesterday was full of several kinds of great.

Tana works at home in the mornings & I suspect that has aggravated her a bit, but I'm fine and completely content just lying around sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper (ugh) and generally just being a slug in the mornings.

I was fine anyway because it took me a good while to wander around her house in the bright, sunshiny light of day, just...looking. Y'all, it's so wonderfully pretty.  It's all southwesty and colorful and warm and mostly just her. I told her the night I arrived that it feels like where she should have been all along. Their home just feels like their home. Isn't that interesting?  (Frankly I would enjoy that insight much more if Houston wasn't A ZILLION MILES away from me.)  (NO BUENO.)

Anyhoo, we went for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Note the quick because THE WIND.  In spite of our brisk trot I still got a good look around, and I know it's an awful thing for a transplanted Virginian to say but I'm really digging all the flat. I suppose it would get old after a while but I LIKE seeing miles of sky all the time.

After lunch we went to Tana's dental appointment and that was some BIG FUN going on right there. The man sitting next to me lied to my face and told me he had the flu just to watch me squirm, and frankly that kinda made him a friend for life even though I never got his name. Seriously y'all, how fun is it to look at random strangers in close spaces and tell them you're contagious?  That right there is some good funny.

As soon as Tana's teeth were all sparkly we did the only thing we could do. We hit Sonic for Happy Hour and enjoyed our large soft drinks with much sugar. Oh how I love my Tana and our shared appreciation for the sugary beverages.

Drinks in hand, we ventured forth to The Hobby Lobby. Y'all, that place is not overrated. It was my first visit but I loved everything about it.    I might have found many things I would have loved to sneak on the plane but I think they would have noticed, so I settled for some super cool decorative knobs I will hang on my bedroom wall just because I can.

(Have I lost you yet? I apologize for all the rambling but unfortunately I have no intention of stopping any time soon. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves...)

As soon as we sprinted out of Hobby Lobby we made our way to her church for a meeting of their benevolence committee. I'm so glad she brought be along because I enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved meeting some of her friends from church, and I really loved peeking into their process and hearing them discuss the different ways they are trying to love the people in their community. All I can say is they are doing a good amount of loving on people here in Texas, and frankly that just makes me love them.

After grabbing some yummo fast food chicken from a place of which I forgot the name (they had great fried okra! and rolls to die for!) we came home and watched 2016, an appropriately disturbing episode of Wife Swap, and then scored with the season premier of Project Runway.

And then I went to bed.

The end.

p.s. Today we were planning to go to The Galleria, which by some accounts is the fourth largest mall in the United States but Tana may need to work and you know how much I enjoy staying home, so it's fine by me if it doesn't work out.   Especially since neither Prada nor Gucci is in my budget this particular week. Although, I do have it on good authority CHEESECAKE FACTORY, so there is that.

p.s.s. Willie comes home tonight and I can't wait to hug his neck and then chatter on incessantly until his eyes roll back in his head. It's going to be GREAT!

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