Thursday, January 10, 2013

three things & a cute camera-picture

So this is going to be brief because I want my bed so badly I can't really concentrate on word-forming.  No offense but I'd skip our little chat altogether were it up to me.  However, moving/moving/Thanksgiving/Christmas vacation is over and it's time for me to hop back on the try-hard wagon, so we're back to some semi-regular drivel.  

Enough of the disclaimers.  Just a couple of confessions tonight before I find the aforementioned bed with it's several delightful pillows....

I fell off the Pepsi wagon tonight.  If I had to quantify it I'd say I'm about 72% sorry, but only because I'm actually counting my calories right now.  I've discovered that when facing hard choices I'd generally prefer something to, you know, chew over even a most delightful beverage.  (Generally!)

My resolve is holding steady a whopping one week in, but if I'm not svelte by February I might find myself too discouraged to carry on.  The every two-or-three-day Pepsi regimen is a terrible plan and not a lot of fun.

Also I've been cooking beans all day long and now my little one-bedroom apartment smells like something no one ever wants to smell.  I'm thinking we should all take a moment and be glad we don't live below me!

Oh!  And the other interesting thing that happened today is my television is now hanging on my wall.  I wasn't sure about it but now that it's up there I'm really diggin it.  

(Big shout-out to Drew & Kari for a simply delightful Christmas gift I wouldn't have thought of for myself!)

That's it for tonight.  I'm off to bed - hope your dreams are sweet :) 


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