Tuesday, January 29, 2013

so do I go with the window or aisle?

Okay.  So here's the deal.  I know I'm not supposed to tell you that I'm traveling because of all the BREAKING AND ENTERING and what-have-you, but no one knows where I live and even before I moved the only people who knew where I lived were you guys and you would never break or enter.  So y'all, I'm traveling today!

I have embarked on my first official vacation.  And by vacation I mean I am NOT WORKING EVEN AT ALL and not only that but I'm leaving on a jet plane.

Can you even believe it?  It's been a million years since I flew the friendly skies and I just now realized I might should be mildly nervous.  Whatever.  I'm just relieved that my senior-citizen-vehicle made the drive to Raleigh and also that I made it through security with no beeps or alarms and only suffered the mildest of indignities during said security check.  I'm calling it a win.

Of course in my desire not to be stressed out by all the busy and unfamiliar I wanted to get here nice and early, and I'm thinking we can call that mission accomplished because HERE I SIT, completely through security a solid two hours before my flight.  I suppose I overshot things a bit but better safe than sorry is my motto. 

(I don't really have a motto but I'm thinking if I did that could be it.)

I made it, and barring any kind of me-like unforeseen catastrophe I should be good to go.

Now my big decision is whether to purchase that Dramamine Tana keeps NOT SO SUBTLY encouraging me to purchase.  Apparently Texas is a stormy destination this afternoon and she is concerned about my gastrointestinal comfort.  I'll let you know later if I commence with some upchucking.

p.s.  I'm so weird.  I hadn't been sitting here five minutes and I was thinking about how it was a shame I hadn't brought my foot pedal so I could work a bit because HEAVEN FORBID I just be still.

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