Sunday, January 13, 2013

weekend wrap-up

Well now I'm feeling all compelled to get caught up on my movie watching.  I was working tonight but had the Golden Globes on just for the company, of course.  Those award shows always aggravate me while simultaneously stirring up my movie-love.  

I usually don't watch them but have recently started tuning in again for the sole purpose of "getting" all the Twitter jokes and commentaries and also jokes.  Twitter on awards nights - and pageant nights - makes the rest of the Twitter-year worth it all.  Nothing like giggling with random stranger-friends from all over the good old US of A.

Anyhoo, now I'm filled with a renewed commitment to catch Lincoln and maybe Argo (because that Ben Affleck is such a cutie-patootie and he worked SO HARD on it) and I am now officially SUPER ANXIOUS to get to Les Mis with my Kari.

I have no comment on the absurd wardrobe of most of the apparently starving starlets but I would be delighted to make 'em a sandwich given the opportunity, or better yet a casserole.  With cream of whatever soups.  And sour creamAnd cheese.

And now I can't believe I've rambled on for several paragraphs about Hollywood when I had much more interesting things going on this weekend.

Starr came to town!!  I was SO GLAD!  And if I was SO GLAD it's safe to say my Kari was positively giddy.  She drove down to spend the weekend with Kari & Peyton (& I suppose Drew, but whatever) and they came over last night for dinner, along with Katie & Audrey.

It was so nice to have some girls to feed and look at and I'm just gonna say it, to delight in.  

Girls.  I just love 'em.

Audrey Faith stayed after dinner and we had a sleepover!  With precious little sleep!  There might have been a bit of sheet changing and bed swapping but I'll never say.  I reported on Twitter that I kept taking my pillow to where she was not, but she just kept right on finding me.  Bed, couch, bed couch, get the ideaApparently she was oblivious to my escape efforts, and she certainly did not take them personally.

I love that sweet girl so much I can't even tell you.  

We conducted another interview that I'll share with you later in the week...and wow-oh-wow can that little girl talk!!!  My head was spinning trying to keep up, so I finally decided to type out her running dialogue for about five minutes straight, and if you really really want me to I'll throw that on here as well.  

You'll be relieved to know I drew the line at home movies.  

This time.

Y'all take care and enjoy your Monday :)

P.S.  T minus five-ish days & counting until I'm sniffing the air at THE SEA.

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