Thursday, December 23, 2010

I so love George Bailey

So it's been a good week with a whole lotta huggin & laughing going on.

My sister and bro-in-law threw a Christmas party last Saturday & I ended up spending the day with Robin in the kitchen puttering.  As many of you know, puttering just might be my spiritual gift...I am very, very proficient at the puttering.  Therefore, I had a very, very happy day!  We made cookies & ham rolls, & sausage balls, & a new favorite - spinach balls, and about six or 27  other various items that made me quite happy and satisfied and plump.  They had a great turnout, and I basically spent the whole entire day having a wonderful time.

Oh!  and in between all the puttering and then the partying, I colored my hair.  There is no other way to say this other than to just say it.  I now have brown hair.  And I think I like it. 

(Pictures to follow sometime before it is blonde again.)

Sunday I had to work, but Sunday evening Shayne and I went to the candlelight Christmas service with my Kari & Drew.  It was a lovely service with lots of singing and Scripture, and we had communion and perhaps another hug or seven...and yet more yummy food afterward.  More happy happy - and more eating things I don't usually get to eat.

I love the eating that ensues once we get this far into December.  Have you ever noticed that?  The eating just gets better & better as the calender passes the middle of December.  Just a random observation.

Monday I finished up most of my shopping and lunched with dear friends.  We got wonderfully caught up and I managed to find myself on the receiving - and giving - end of a couple of Ella-belle hugs.  That child is adorable and fun and kind've awesome!  :)

Tuesday was pretty quiet, but then Wednesday I had my long awaited "It's a Wonderful Life" dinner date with my buddy who is now my neighbor.  It was, well, wonderful!  We ate fast food, caught up on the latest in our children's lives, popped in the movie & shared some Christmas M&M cookies.  A good time was had by both, and I managed to cry for the 3678th time when Harry utters my perhaps-favorite-movie-line-of-all-time...

"To my brother, George Bailey, the richest man in town!" 

Sigh.  That one line speaks deep to my soul in about a dozen different ways.  And all of them wonderful.  Good stuff, people...just doesn't get any better.

Today I'm having lunch with another special friend (yaaay!!), and then I'm hunkering down to get serious about last-minute Christmas details.  I have to hunker...and get serious, because my babies are coming to town TOMORROW!! 

I'm excited about this because you know TOMORROW!! 

Happy Day-Before-Christmas-Eve!

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Lauren said...

My hair also made the transformation this week from blonde to brown! Maybe we are starting a trend. :)

Have fun with your babies and hug them all (eve the grown ones) for me. :) Love you, Nay-Nay!

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