Friday, December 3, 2010

On music, santa, and my right lower extremity

Y'all.  You wouldn't believe what happened to me last night.  I was sitting in my living room obsessing in a good way over Christmas music when what to my wondering ears should...appear?  That's right, folks... SANTA ON A FIRETRUCK!  complete with many sirens! and flashing lights!  I can't even tell you how happy it made me to hop outside on my good foot and stand shivering in the cold, dark night to catch a glimpse of the Big Man himself.  He was throwing candy at the young'uns and they were just beside themselves with glee and joy over the unexpected visit.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was the best moment of my week and I'm not even ashamed to admit it.  I even got a really bad picture, see?

Words cannot even express how very much I love my newest discovery.  I love how God throws something right in my lap to encourage me, and that's what He did yesterday!  I was reading Big Mama's post, as I do nearly every day because she cracks me up and I need all the chuckles I can get.  In it she listed some of her favorite Christmas music.  Now I love it when she lists her favorites because it saves me some work trying to find new stuff to like, but this time my real find was in the comments.  My new best friend Kristen who is a complete stranger to me changed. my. life. forever. 

And no, I am not prone to exaggeration.  I think we've addressed this before? 

Anyway, she informed the worldwideweb that Sixpence None the Richer (holiday) on Pandora was simply - and I quote - dreamy.  And she wasn't wrong!  It was a lovely blend of different artists singing mostly Christ-centered (instead of season-centered) songs in an easy, laid back, dreamy sort of style.  I spent the better part of the day clicking the "like" button on the songs that came up.  The play list fits in perfectly with my big plan to not indulge in the crazy this year and I just couldn't be happier.  And I thought you should know. 

You're welcome.

My ankle is down to only about 4 or 9 different colors at this point...two whole weeks after my big injury.  It's still kinda pretty to look at if you like multicolored feet, but I can tell that someday it will go back to the boring ole foot I've known for nigh these many years.  My left leg no longer screams in pain from all the weird ways I've been limping and walking around, and in fact the whole walking thing is going a bit better.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it. 

Again...thought you should know.

No more Christmas shopping has been done since I last reported in on the subject a couple of weeks ago.  Not another daggone thing.  I appear to have lost the will to shop... even via the worldwideweb.  This whole neardeathexperience thing I've had going on seems to have thrown me completely off-kilter.

I really, really love saying worldwideweb.  I have no explanation for this and therefore will not even try, but I'm kind've afraid it's not nearly as adorable as I like to think it is.

On a food-related note, I can't seem to let go of my grief over my poor pumpkin pie.  I had a lot of a pie left from Thanksgiving and was secretly planning to eat it all. by myself. in the dark. with lots of whipped cream.  Unfortunately The Great Plague threw me off my overeating game and it got old and yucky, and yet I can't bear to actually throw it out.  It's just sitting in my fridge mocking me.  MOCKING ME! 

Seriously people, that just ain't right.

Finally, I know I have already addressed the whole music thang in the above paragraphs, but can I just say I love me some Casting Crowns.  and I love their Christmas CD.  and I really love their rousing rendition of "I heard the Bells."  Therefore, I have included the link below for your listening pleasure.  Because it's Friday. and it's Christmas time. and I love ya.

Happy Friday!


Jeremy & Katie Naff said...

I lol'd. Just sayin.

Meg said...

Thanks so much for the SNTR on Pandora tip! I just tried it out and completely agree! Oh, and I totally understand your pain about the pumpkin pie. I hate to throw out anything I've worked hard to make, let alone something that delicious! Oh, I am seriously so sad for you! And I hope your ankle continues to get better!

Rachel M. said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog, you really blessed my day!

I enjoyed the song posted above, think I might spend birthday money on this CD.

Hope your ankle gets better real soon!

Darlene said...

You crack me up! And I love you! I'll make home-made whipped cream for you next year and we'll eat our favorite pies together... in the dark or with lights so we can see each other's face. LOL!

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