Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mission (nearly) Accomplished

I did it again.

Yesterday I hit the Target, and the mall, and the Chick Fil-a, and the Kroger, and another place I shall not name at this time.  And I'm nearly almost sort've finished with my shopping!  Except for the fact that I will still need some groceries and Audrey only has those cute little training undies to go in her stocking.  I'm not sure she'll appreciate the significance or the value of that, so I'm thinking some type of little toy-ish-type item will likely be purchased.

But other than that I think I'm finished!

I need to take a moment.

In light of the level of my productivity yesterday I must now go and take a rest. and wrap two or eleven gifts. and perhaps mix up some cookie dough... and find a good marinade for some steaks that we have determined would make the perfect Christmas Eve repast. 

I might try to cram 8 hours of my, you know, job, in somewhere too.

Have a happy Tuesday, y'all :)

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