Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Spite of All I Am

For as long as I live until the day I die I will never, ever understand why God loves me so.  I'm acutely aware of all the ugliness in my life...in my mind, in my heart. 
Even when my intentions are pure and honest I'm more often than not decidedly...unlovable

He's wonderfully perfect

I am completely imperfect and have nothing to offer Him other than my love, and devotion, and praise.

Yet He loves me. 

And actually He more than just loves-loves me. 

He values me with the fervent kind of love that requires action.  He loved me enough to pursue me, to sacrifice for me...to redeem me. 

He gave His life for me in spite of who I am.  

Reflecting on this unfathomable truth makes me weak in the knees.  And it makes me want to hug His neck so badly!  And while I can't actually do that this morning, maybe I could hug Him through my devotion...my appreciation...my praise. 

God Almighty gave up everything so He could be my everything

Hallelujah :)

Over the next couple of weeks I thought I would share some my discoveries in my quest for Jesus-focused Christmas music, and this one makes my heart sing...

...I hope your heart is singing today as well!

Happy Tuesday!

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Darlene said...

Thanks for sharing this! Have you read this post yet? Link below. Love you!


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