Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm thinking it's the thought that counts

So here's the thing.

As a little Christmas present for you I thought I would put together a little playlist of some of the music I've been enjoying this month & throw it on the ole' blog.  The cool thing that I personally like is you can "pop" it out and play while you scrub your toilets and wash your dishes...if you're so inclinedThis seemed like a good idea in theory, but the jury's out on the actual execution.  First off, I hope I didn't scare you to death when the music kicked in.  Does it help at all to admit that I have no idea what on earth I'm doing?  Also, I am fully aware that it's kind've big for the space along the side, and since I am actually quite OCD about such things it's stressing me out in a major way, but I'm plumb worn out and am just going to leave it for now.  I'm also afraid it is slowing things down a lot...but again, maybe it's just my imagination?

I assume this is not earth-shattering information for you who actually know how to function in the blogiverse, but I would appreciate it if you could not mock me within earshot. 

Feel free to mock away in the privacy of your own homes.

Happy Friday!
Renee :)

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Christin said...

The music didn't startle me in the least. We much enjoyed listening to it (me and the kids). And don't worry about the size. Truly. No biggie. If it truly bothers you, you can put it in the footer at the bottom and it will fit nicely :)
Be blessed and thank you for stopping by my blog:

In Him,

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