Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nine Things

I just love the owner of this face!

She's funny and wonderful and just all-around swell.  Wanna know why?

Four or nine reasons why I love Mary and think she is all-around swell

1.  She thinks I am funny and tells me a lot.

2.  She is a glass-half-full kinda gal.  I am not a fan of the whining and complaining, so I appreciate someone who doesn't, you know, whine and complain.

3.  She always makes me laugh.  Every time.  I am physically unable to spend more than two-and-a-half minutes with her without laughing. 

4.  I like to laugh.

5.  Mary is nicer than I am.  Seriously.  She's nice.  I find that in cases where I would prefer to just smack aggravating,irritating people around and tell them to just get it together already, she is kind, and patient, and ...nice.

6.  She has really cute kids who I like to pretend belong to me.  Along the same lines, she's a terrific mother.

7.  She loves Jesus and acts like it.

8.  She appreciates, dare I say even respects, my love of all things Monk and Pepsi.

9.  She thinks I am funny and tells me a lot.

Thankya, DF-o-mine, for making my whole entire life a good bit happier.

The end.



Jeremy & Katie Naff said...

Hahahaha, welcome to The Blog, Mary. It's a scary place to find your face. This I know from experience. The words were sweet though.

Renee said...

Yes, my Kate, my peeps should know by know...if I love ya? you will indeed find yourself in my little bloggy-home. Can't be helped.

Now. Go take some more FABULOUS photos of my babies :)

Lauren said...

Hey! Why don't I have MY own post? Just kiddin. I love me some Mary, too!

Renee said...

Hi Lauren! Haha, I imagine it's likely just a matter of time. Be very afraid... :)

Building Walls said...
a.) that picture... REALLY??!?! :)
b.) you are more than forgiven by the gigantic and undeserved HUG that I feel like I received from this post :) It made me happiest that you really know that I really love you :) And totally like you too... ;)

Renee said...

Hi Mary!!

a.) I luv that picture. Thus, the usage.
b.) Thank you for forgiving me.
c.) You might be interested and perhaps horrified to learn that I had more viewers on ye olde blog today than any other single day in like ever.

go figure.

Beth Simmons said...

I love this "Mary" post and I love her too!! So very much. How could anyone not? And, I love the picture too:) I'm glad she has a friend like you and that you have a friend like her!

Renee said...

Well Thankya, Beth. I appreciate the support in my need to wax poetic & such :) What can I say...that girl and the littles are in my heart!

p.s. I can't EVEN tell you how happy you & hubby make me with the way you're loving them too :)

Darlene said...

This post made me smile big at midnight on the other side of the globe. How can anyone not love Mary? That's a rhetorical question.

P.S. I want to watch MONK with you soon. Believe it or not, the WHOLE Weber family LOVES Monk. Even Jayjay says, "Mr. Monk" the way Sharona says it. LOL!

Renee said...

Hi Darlene!! I'm so glad you got a smile out of my silliness :)

I'm not a bit surprised the fam loves him...what's not to love about the great Adrian Monk?

I can't even TELL you how anxious I am to get you all in my living room :) We can have us a marathon with yummy food and Monk-isms galore.

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