Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On sprouts and culinary failure

Y'all I had a terribly stressful experience while mired in dinner preparation last night, and in the process pretty much ruined my sweet potato fries.  THE FRIES, people.

I understand you are likely mocking me at this very moment for my deep love and commitment to all things sweet potato, but from where I'm sitting this was completely and without a doubt...uncool.

In a desperate, and quite possibly futile, attempt to end my acrimonious relationship with my new nemesis, the one I like to call Chubby-from-the-stinkin'-winter-Renee, I am trying to refrain from eating the cakes, and cookies, and pastas, and well, good stuff, more than twice a day.  This leaves dinner needing a sweet potato or two.  and perhaps some brussels sprouts because A FAN I am of the sprouts.

Anyhoo,  I'll spare you the tragic details, but suffice it to say, do not under any circumstances throw your sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts, and that summer squash you froze last summer, onto the same baking sheet and toss into a 450-degree oven.  Even if you think there's plenty of room and they are separated all neat and tidy-like.  

Ugly, tragic, soggy, stinky things happen.

Trust me.

And the worst part of this sad tale?  I now have to get to TMBS...still smelling of the sprouts.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is full of only tasty things :)

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