Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little suggestion of the lunch variety

Once upon a time I visited a pal of mine.  We were chatting it up, and before we even knew what happened, lunch was upon us.  Or maybe it was dinner.  I guess it could have been an afternoon snack.  Who knows now...it was a long time ago. 

Anyhoo, the point is we were visiting and then we were hungry.  D. made a seriously simple and quite tasty little pizza-type thingie that I loved a lot.  I'm not sure how often she eats it these many years later, but I tend to have it on a somewhat consistent basis.

Because of the yumminess & all.

Since I've enjoyed this little pizza-type thingie again this week I thought I would share the "recipe" with y'all so you can enjoy as well.  I use the term recipe loosely, because it's more of a list of ingredients.  This works for me because I enjoy a little ADVENTURE in my day. 

I call it feta pizza because it needed a name on my recipe card.

D's recipe for feta pizza:

Place a whole pita onto a baking sheet.  I use a cookie sheet.  I suppose that might be considered a baking sheet in some circles.  Swirl a little olive oil around and then sprinkle some thyme and cracked red pepper on the "crust."  After that I add a bit of deli ham...just a bit - not too thick. 

Now this is just me, but I have started adding a bit more thyme mainly because it seems like a good idea.  This is a pretty mild dish other than the bit of cracked red pepper, so I like to have a fair amount of thyme.  Who knows if it's a good decision or not.

On top of the ham I then add crumbled feta cheese, and then top the whole shebang with Parmesan cheese. 

Then ya just bake it up for oh I'd say maybe 8-10 minutes at around 350.  The cheese just needs to warm up thoroughly and you don't want it to get too brown.  I always keep a pretty close eye on it during the cheese-melting phase.

And that would be it!  The pita crisps up pretty quickly and is all kinds of yummy.  No kidding it's one of my favorite things ever :)

Thanks D - I owe ya! 

Happy Tuesday :)

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