Monday, June 4, 2012

an exercise in random. and drivel...some random drivel !

Can you even believe we're right back at Monday, again??  It seems like we just did this and here we are again.

I'm not entirely sure why that matters so much seeing as I actually dislike Tuesday more because I only work a half-day on Mondays, but whatever.

(True story, when my kids were young Monday was actually my favorite day of the week.  Sundays were all busy and frantic and full of great, and by Monday morning the girls were tired, and they enjoyed crashing & sleeping & overall chilling out.)

(My apologies to all the poor schmucks who were dragging their pooped-out selves to work all those Mondays.  I was an insensitive soul to be sure.)

(The above rabbit trail is brought to you by the letters "A, D, and D.")

Both Drew and Jeremy had birthdays this month, and Kelly graduated high school (Congratulations, Kelly!!), so Kate & Jerm drove up and we all spent a yummy 36 hours together, and there was much rejoicing, and hugging, and kissing of faces.  

And the babies were happy too.

And speaking of the babies, y'all I have never - and I mean never - been so thoroughly appreciated in my life.  

This would likely include my own children.  

(I guess they spent most of their childhoods being mad at me for something or other.)


Anyhoo, these yummy little ones think I'm something pretty terrific and I don't get it.  When they're around I rarely have the time or energy for lip gloss, let alone eyeliner.  I'm usually schlepped out in sweats and t-shirts with unbrushed hair and no makeup, and I might possibly be moaning and groaning and whining with the back, and yet they get all smiley, and they leap up into my arms and gaze into my eyes like I were someone...else.


They also request, REQUEST my singing.  That's some love right there, folks.  LOVE.

Audrey's repeated declarations that "I not going home...I NOT going home," with arms firmly planted around my neck are a perfect example of wonderful and awful at the same time.  If I weren't headed to a favorite place with a lot of sand in a matter of days I would SO have kept her forever.  


In other news that shall remain vague for a little while longer, I made a BIG DECISION this weekend that has me feeling weird and strange and excited and nervous.  And excited.  And nervous.  Have you ever made a BIG DECISION that felt right and you believed to be right but still made your insides all squirrelly?  Any suggestions on how to embrace the yippee and ditch the squirrelly-ness of said decision? 

(Mild) Spoiler Alert:  My summer just got even more full of busy.  and crazy.  AND BUSY.

I'll share more soon, but trust me, after referencing the BIG DECISION in all caps you will no doubt be underwhelmed and unimpressed when I spill the beans.  My big is quite possibly your "eh."

(And no, I'm not fostering or adopting this summer.)

(Although children are, in fact, kinda/sorta relevant to the DECISION.)

Hey, by the way I've been meaning to ask you.  Do any of you get into the Summer Olympics?  I am 100%  not a sports-on-TV person, but I do love love the Summer Olympics.  

(Interesting side note:  I am completely disinterested in the Winter Olympics.  As in I watch zero percent of the Winter Olympics.)

Anyway, I'm hoping some of you are into it so I have someone to talk with about it.  

(USA!  USA!  USA!)

Wow I'm sorry.  I'm ALL OVER the place this morning and seem powerless to clean it up.  So I think I'll just leave you with the following picture of my beloved family in all their glory.  
Oh how I love 'em! 

Happy Monday!

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