Sunday, June 10, 2012

six on sunday at the sea

1.  Little girls awaken early on their first morning at the beach.  At least they do if you consider 7:03 early.

I do.

(I do consider 7:03 early.)

2.  Little girls are quite possibly the yummiest creations God ever came up with.

Except, perhaps for little boys.

But there are no boy littles with me this week so whatever.

Seriously, y'all, is there anything sweeter in the history of ever than a five-year-old hurtling herself into your arms just after a bath?



3.  Scarfing down chicken salad (that your mom made for you) on the beach is fine dining at its finest.

Thanks again, Mom!!

4.  Also wonderful would be sitting around the dining table long after finishing up, too content to move, entertaining ourselves with trying to guess what time it is.

Daniel was closest at 9:30.

(Her name is Danielle.  On reviewing I just recognized  the typo, but Rhya insists on calling her Daniel so I think I'll leave it.  You know, for posterity's sake.)

Almost never ever do I have no idea of the time.  It's actually pretty fun.

Unfortunately that particular delight ends now since Saturday is my only day off.

I might be on vacation but not really since I still have to put in my forty hours. 

(Insert pity for my sad plight of having to work for a living...right here.)

However, they are an infinitely less painful forty hours when I am within earshot of THE SEA.  How many peeps get to put in their forty anywhere they can snag wi-fi?

(Insert your best get-over-it-already-and-just-be-thankful face...right here.)

5.  Seven is wrecking me for maybe ever.

Wrecking me.

My mind is racing and I like so many things in it that I gave up trying to retain anything and have decided to just go ahead and finish it...and then read it again with my multicolored highlighters because of all the mind-racing.

This is where I begin shamelessly pleading with you to go forth and purchase said book immediately so we can talk about it.

No, really.

6.   The sea makes me sleepy.  

Especially when I'm up, and also attem, at 7:03 in the A-M.

Nitey Nite :)

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