Thursday, June 28, 2012

well today was fun.

My Baby!  and her baby!

We hugged a lot of necks and had fancy cupcakes.

And I took mainly no pictures.

Today is Donita's birthday and she doesn't like anyone to make a fuss, so we fussed often.  and loud.  and then we fussed a little bit more.

Good friends ignore friends who request fusslessness.  

We had I-talian for dinner and it was yumm-o.

I observed that you know it's a good dinner when you feel a little bit disappointed when your plate is empty.

(The fancy cupcakes helped.)

not the fancy cupcakes

We also drove all the way to Baltimore with only one stop, if you don't count that quick stop on the side of the road to switch drivers while Peanut hollered loudly.

He might have hollered quite a bit, i.e. nearly all of the last hour of the drive, but I'll never tell.

The bride is stunning and the groom is nearly as adorable as he was when he was waist-high and had to be reminded to go the the Little Boy's Room.  

True story:  I love him even more now :)

Now it's 11:14 in the p-m and I'm so sleepy I might have staggered from the car.  What can I say?  

(Nothing.  I can say nothing that won't make me sound a little on the pitiful side.)  

For this reason there will be neither editing nor spellchecking, 
so whatever we get, we get.

I'll try to take a couple of pictures of that stunning bride and adorable groom for you tomorrow but no promises.  You might remember my track record.

Happy Friday!

p.s.  The nuptials will be held outside at 4:00 p.m.  It is projected to be two-thousand degrees at that time.  Your kind prayers will be appreciated.  I've heard beautiful brides tend to get warm in voluminous wedding gowns...

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