Monday, July 2, 2012

the one where I don't even know where to start


I considered retiring from the old blog altogether for the simple reason that too much has happened and I'm too tired to figure out how to share it in a clever and precious kind of way.  I fully understand that probably sounds terribly melodramatic and also lame but I'm pretty sure I don't even care.  My brain is foggy and Elijah is sassy and I threw away all my food.

Okay fine.  I only threw away the cold food that was no longer cold, which means all of my formerly cold food, but still.

And Elijah has been sassy.  I blame it on the 2000-degree heat but I could be wrong.

He also appears to have forgotten how to both add and subtract.  

And count.


I'm not sure who is more frustrated at this point.  Do you ever reach a place where the bells start going off in the recesses of your mind and you hear "abort mission!"?  

Yeah, I didn't so much listen.

And we got her done.

I might or might not have used my cranky tone; I'm not gonna say here on the worldwideweb.

Anyway, for this reason I'm not going to even try to recap the weekend at this time.  I'm thinking the details will be better done at a later date, probably in small doses because Y'ALL THE MISERYNESS.

For now I'll just say we are all safe, and although many do not, I now have both electricity and delicious, glorious air conditioning.  

Therefore, life is good.

...and although it likely doesn't sound like it at this very minute I'm so thankful we are all safe and sound!

Also, because y'all are so sweet and patient and forgiving of my cranky/whinyness I share with you a picture of the bride and groom. 

(Wow!  Friday seems so far away!)

 HAPPY Monday!

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