Tuesday, July 24, 2012

but i'll carry you in my heart like the melodramatic fool that I am

Lucky boys.  Someone else lugs their stuff around and likely cleans under the fridge for 'em too.

Okay Peeps, so this is me saying I'm just one oldish crazy lady who is incapable of getting it all done.

Moving Day is looming.

There are some borderline moods going on around here and mainly I'm teetering on the edge of a lovely combination of HYSTERIA mixed with a touch of NOT CARING AT ALL.  

It's a sight to behold, is what it is.

I'm surrounded by clutter and chaos and messy floors to the point where I'm starting to twitch.  

...and seeing as how I can't really not do my job, and I can't not pack my stuff, and it would be wrong to not look after E - and I definitely can't not put shelf paper on any-and-every shelf I find in a certain new residence, my options are limited.

So it appears the one thing I can, you know, not do is Ye Old Blog.

So we can call the next few days a hiatus, or a vacation, or even that-time-Renee-ran-away-to-parts-unknown... 

...but whatever ya want to call it one thing is sure, I probably won't be posting any new drivel until after said move is complete.

I know.  You're welcome.

Have a great week, y'all - and don't forget to be thankful that you aren't moving all of your worldly possessions across town this week cause IT AIN'T SO MUCH FUN.

Catch ya on the flip side  :)

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