Friday, July 6, 2012

my brother is in town! and it's hot! and my brother's in town!


So I'm not entirely sure at what point summer blogging became an indulgence instead of a routine, but if it isn't one thing it's been three others lately.  I should be in the shower right this minute because my sister-in-law and assorted relative-types and I are going to do a little shopping/scouting this afternoon at some of my favorite home shops.  

(She's shopping.  I'm scouting.)

(And also sniffing candles.)

...But I miss y'all and wanted to say hello.  and inquire as to your well-being.  and assure you that my veryspecial Andy Griffith bloggy tribute is in the works because I don't know if you heard...but yeah.

Speaking of...not this, I strongly dislike being a tired cliche but I am so over the heat.  Like literally.  OVER. THE. HEAT.  I have declared a ban on driving my car until further notice and am only riding in vehicles that are climate-controlled.  I like to pretend I'm tough...but have come to terms with the reality that I am most definitely not.

Anyhoo, I've been working and sweating and being all happy that the family is in town.  And then sweating some more.  The weekend is filled up with plans to do some more being all happy, and if the climate is correctly controlled there'll likely be some hugging thrown into the mix.

I suppose I might as well declare my recent sporadic bloggy production my official summer hours because I don't imagine things will slide into settled until after The Big Move at the end of the month, seeing as we have family shenanigans to be followed by the infernal yard sale, then Christmas in July, and then, yep, The Big Move.

(I'm so very sorry for the above spectacular run-on sentence.  Couldn't be helped.)

Take care of yourselves and stay hydrated!

Happy Friday :)

p.s.  I just set me up an Olivia-Newton-John station on the Pandora.  Early results indicate PURE SUMMER DELIGHT  ;)

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