Tuesday, July 31, 2012

four things

So I just have some quick thoughts in numerical form because I should be sleeping but am bitter because our newest certain too-cute-for-words family member won't shut his trap.

(That's right; I said shut up.  My three-year-old daughters would strongly disapprove.)

1.  We have Internet.  It was not without great suffering and patience-requiring, and there may or may not be another quick visit from the poor Cox employees (pleural!) in our near future, but we do have Internet.  We got up and running at precisely six-o-something and I had to work at six, so that worked out pretty stressfully.

But still.  Internet.

2.  We also have cable.  Might not sound that exciting to you, but as the gal who hasn't had Bravo or Lifetime for years it was on the exciting side.  I then proceeded to discover how very little there is on TV for the rest of the evening.  But I'm sure that'll change once I have time to study the TV guide and chart a course of action.

3.  We have a puppy.  Yup, you heard me.  My people are laughing heartily at this very moment at the hilarity and irony of this scenario.  When I texted the news there was much LOL-ing going on.  My friends are not particularly sympathetic since they mostly have dogs.  

And this would be exactly why Donita is currently my favorite as she tossed me some halfish-hearted sympathy with no LOL-ing.

Said puppy is quite precious but he has rendered me unable to sleep.  Therefore we're going to have a little talk just as soon as I can stand upright and wake him up.  

Yup.  Now that I'm awake he's snoozing away like an aggravating baby who aggravates.

4.  We have more mess than I could possibly articulate so I'll refrain from doing so, but trust me when I tell you that Ze stuff; it is everywhar.

I suppose there's more but I guess it'll have to keep until a later time as I need to find my eyeliner.  Today is full of the exciting.  Things like that one. last. trip. to the old homeplace and it's assorted miscellany...a quick run to Fresh Market to pick up the fixins to make my own contraband...and other very important stuff I already forgot.  

And I definitely need to find a TV guide.

Happy I-think-it's-Tuesday!

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