Saturday, July 14, 2012

favorite read: a hairy situation

Oh y'all.

Today's our yard sale.  

(Pretend there's a clever picture of assorted chaos right here.)

(Because I would like, totally insert one if I weren't basically not gonna.)

I have an absurd amount of random irrelevance piled up all around, and am secretly hoping to sell it all for about a million dollars.  

But probably not.

It's far more likely that people will walk by and laugh hysterically at my nerve and gall and also my nerve.

I'll tell you all about it as soon as I get some sleep.

(Heaven help me.)

My girls would throw a fit if they knew I was on the worldwideweb instead of sneaking a few zzzz's (they can be BOSSY when trying to sell all of my worldly goods), but I had to say hi and share my favorite read with you.  

I'll abstain from commentary because they could catch me any minute, but you know how sometimes you're reading through an anecdote all breezy and the like & then BAM! you realize where the writer is going?  

I LOVE IT when that happens, that sudden realization that a sweet little story is...more.

Anyway, this one struck me midway through, just like that, and yeah, once again there were tears.

(but the good kind of course)

Happy Weekending!

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