Sunday, July 29, 2012


You wouldn't think that scrubbing and cleaning a house that is no longer a home would evoke such an odd sense of grief.

Yet here I sit.

As is my style, I've tossed and sold and given away and packed...and lugged and carted and moved my things, with a pragmatism that keeps tears-induced headaches to a minimum.  

But for some inexplicable reason, pulling the nails from the walls of what used to be Kari's room, the room where Hector lived and her wedding dress hung, has rendered me all weepy.

I only lived here for five years.  I didn't actually raise my children here.

But it is, you know, "Naynay's House."

It was home, and there was much loving here.

I guess it's all fun and games until you erase the last of the living from the walls, huh.

No worries though, I'm taking all the loving with me.

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